I’m a psychologist with more than 20 years of professional experience. I apply my competencies in several fields across design, innovation, change management, counseling, coaching, mindfulness, and culture.

I help:

  • People, to know themselves and realize their individuation.
  • Companies, to find their specific way of excellence, combining psychology of groups with complex systems and design thinking for a practical innovation change.
  • To increase the capacity to create value from the human factor in the design of interaction and experience between humans and technology.
  • To create a bridge between different disciplines for a deeper understanding of our cultural and social evolution.

Over the years I led many cultural initiatives:

  • Being Sapiens (2016), a series of interview with professionals across disciplines to explore the evolution of humanity.
  • Hybrid Manifesto (2012), proposing an interpretation of one of the main challenges that are defining the current phase of human history.
  • Sci(Bzaar)net (2008), the first Italian event on the impact of internet on knowledge management in academic research.
  • Motivational Design (2006), outlining a model for the design of social experiences in digital spaces.