I’m a psychologist with more than 20 years of professional experience. I apply my competencies in several fields across design, innovation, change management, counseling, coaching, mindfulness, and culture.

I help:

  • People, to know themselves and realize their individuation.
  • Companies, to find their specific way of excellence, combining psychology of groups with complex systems and design thinking for a practical innovation change.
  • To increase the capacity to create value from the human factor in the design of interaction and experience between humans and technology.
  • To create a bridge between different disciplines for a deeper understanding of our cultural and social evolution.


2001  MS in Psychology, University Cattolica of Milan

2001-2002  State License Apprenticeship – Clinic Psychology Center, Hospital San Paolo, Milan

2003-2007  Post-degree Specialization Apprenticeship

2003-2009  Post-degree Specialization on Psychotherapy (Analytical Psychology)

2001-2010  Clinical Psychology

2012-2013  Neuroscience and Analytical Psychology, School of Junghian Psychotherapy LISTA, Milan

2014-2015  Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, School of Junghian Psychotherapy LISTA, Milan

2021-today Professor in General Psychology, Scuola di Psicoterapia Psicoanalitica, Milano


2005-2008  Researcher in Knowledge Management field at Observatory PKM360°, University Cattolica, Milan.

2006-2011  UX Strategist, Social Network Designer and Change Management Consultant freelance.

2007-2009  Co-Author: “Motivational Design” a model di analyst and design behaviors inside physical and digital Social networks (2 editions) link

2008  Co-Author: “Pratiche collaborative in rete” – A book about disciplines hybridization to promote collaboration, sharing and knowledge management practices, Mimesis Edizioni link

2008-2012  Adjunct Professor at MIP Executive Master in Engineering, Contacting and Project Management (EMEC), MIP, Politecnico

2019-today Partner S3NSO link


2008-2009  Adjunct Professor on psychology applied to interaction design, motivation and incentives, Univ. IULM, Univ. Cattolica, Scuola Politecnica di Design

2009  Enterprise 2.0 Researcher – Politecnico, Milano, Report 2009, Enterprise 2.0 Observatory

2011  Scientific Paper on Psychology of mediated interaction – Research project that validated the ability of MMORPGs (World of Warcraft, Blizzard) to support the development of relational skills in teenagers link

2009-2011  Psychology of mediated interaction – Italian Ministry of Education, INDIRE, Univ. Cattolica (CSRPC), AESVI

2011-2014  Co-founder of the Research Group of Applied Interaction Psychology – CSRPC, Univ. Cattolica, Milano

2011-2020  Design Research Director and UX Strategist, Design Group Italia

2020-today Affiliated Researcher at MIT Design X


2008  SciBZAARnet, one of the first italian events about social network in academic research link

2012  Manifesto Ibridi, a Manifesto about hybrid professionals, a model of leadership manifestoibridi.org

2014-today  Kairòs, annual transdisciplinary meeting about the evolution of culture and humanity

2016-today  Being Sapiens, interviews to experts about the human nature in a moment of profound historical changes beingsapiens.it

2019 Speaker at the event “Le emozioni che fanno guarire” link


2013-2015  Completed the Teacher Development Intensive in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), offered by the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society hosted by Motus Mundi in Rome

2015-today Mindfulness Teacher esseremindful.it

2014  Research about technostress and Mindfulness  – Univ. Cattolica, Milano

2013-2014  Mindfulness Compassion Master – Centro Mindfulness Project, Milan

2017  Level 1 Compassion Focused Therapy, London, UK

2018  Level 2 Compassion Focused Therapy, Firenze

2018-2019  Co-creator and teacher of Master MFT Mindfulness and Facilitator Teacher Training, Ass. Esperienze di Mindfulness, Lugano, Swiss link

2020  Basic and intermediate level Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT Italia, Milano